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Jew Gangsters Behind Illegal Drug Trade

Rabbi Baruch Chalomish doesn't look like the stereotyped, black drug dealer, does he?

cocainerabbi_11.14 photo cocaine_rabbi_zps8c1d7d6b.png
The Jewish Mafia: An Interview with Hervé Ryssen

Réfléchir et Agir: You have published a fourth book on Judaism, a volume of 400 pages. Why another? Haven’t you said all there is to say?

Hervé Ryssen: I thought so too! But Judaism is a very closed world, very secret, thus after all these years of study, one still learns new things. This time, I explored the criminal world operating within the international Jewish community, and what one discovers there is, strictly speaking, incredible. The fact is that the Jewish Mafia is the main Mafia that exists today on this planet: racketeering, prostitution, drug trafficking, arms trading, contraband diamond smuggling, traffic in works of art, murder for hire, organized swindles, armed robberies, etc. Pornography, casinos, and discotheques are also largely held by Jewish gangsters.

R&A: You claim that international drug trafficking is mainly in the hands of the Jewish Mafia. Are you quite certain you are not overstating your case?

H. R.: I do not claim that the Jewish mafia controls most of the international illegal drug trade, since there are no statistics on the subject, but it does not appear incredible to me, judging by all information I could gather. The fact is that from the Chinese opium traffic of the nineteenth century to the present day, this mafia has been quite active in this field...

R&A: Certain diamond traders of Antwerp, New York, and Tel-Aviv play a large role in the Jewish mafia, particularly in money laundering.

H. R.: Diamond traders are at the heart of money-laundering operations for the Colombian cartels. In Manhattan, 47th Street, which is the heart of their activity, is also the largest drug money laundry. A Rabbi Yosef Crozer was arrested in February 1990 while going to Brooklyn with suitcases and bags stuffed with small-denomination banknotes. He carried $300,000 every day. His co-operation with police made it possible the following month to arrest around 30 people in the Orthodox Jewish community. One of them was Avraham Sharir, another pious Jew who owned a gold shop on 47th Street and who proved to be one of the key characters in drug money laundering in New York. Sharir, an Israeli citizen of 45 years, confessed to laundering $200 million on behalf of the Cali cartel.

R&A: Certain religious Jews do not seem to have too many scruples, one might say . . .

H. R.: Even Hassidic Jews are deeply implicated in drug trafficking. In 2001, the police broke up a ring directed by Sean Erez, a Hassidic Jew who trafficked in ecstasy. The drug had been smuggled in the hats and prayer scrolls of these pious Jews, whom customs officers were not supposed to suspect.

R&A: Why don’t people talk about this?

H. R.: It is always the famous reflex of “projection” about which I spoke in my two preceding books. Jewish intellectuals always project on others that about which they feel guilty. They say they were victims of Communism, for example, when in fact they were the main instigators. In the same way, Freud projected a problem specific to the Jewish people—rampant incest—on a universal level, and everyone fell into the trap.

In the 1990s, the media spoke about the terrible “Russian Mafia.” But truth to tell, all the “Russian” gangsters who were arrested had Israeli passports. The biggest one, Semion Mogilevitch, a major trafficker of weapons who also prostituted hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian girls in Prague and Budapest, was stopped in Moscow in January 2008. In France, the Courrierinternational was the only newspaper that reported it, but obviously his Jewishness was not mentioned: he was “Russian”!

Likewise, in Hollywood cinema, the drug traffickers, gangsters, “bad guys,” if they are not Sicilian, are very often Nordic white men: never Jews!
The cosmopolitan directors undoubtedly have something to do with this sleight of hand.

Israel benefits from Afghan opium cultivation

In October 2001, the neo-conservatives (mostly Zionist Jews) pushed the United States into an endless war against Taliban for two main reasons, 1) to exploit Caspian Sea oil deposits, and 2) to bring back poppy cultivation to its highest (93%) level under Soviet occupation. In 2002, Taliban leader Mullah Omer banned poppy cultivation by bringing it down to 6%.

US State Department White Paper on Global Narcotics said: “Israel is a drug consuming country with serious marijuana, hashish and heroin use and a growing problem of cocaine.”

In its annual report for 2012, the International Narcotics Control Board listed Israel and Brazil as the major manufacturers, exporters, importer and user of narcotic drugs.

A June 2013 UN Office on Drugs and Crime World Drug Report named Israel for its “star role”.

Hervé Ryssen in 2008 book La mafia juive (The Jewish Mafia) wrote: “The Jewish mafia is the only mafia that exists today on this planet: racketeering, prostitution, drug trafficking, arms trading, contraband diamond smuggling, traffic in works of art, murder for hire, organized swindles, armed robberies, etc. Pornography, casinos, and discotheques are also largely held by Jewish gangsters.”

“Global money laundering runs up to around $1.5 trillion annually. Most of it’s from illicit drugs. Israel is tiny compared to America. It stands out as a major global cocaine trafficking hub,” says American Jewish writer Stephen Lendman.
"pics of rabbis sentenced to prison for drug dealing" will get some hits on GOOGLE with pics, but just adding one word, 'Jew' to that search and no pics turn up?

Jews in America have been prominent in the narcotics underworld since the early twentieth century

Jew initiated Afghan War shows Opium Production at an all time high

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Benny the Butcher and His Band of Psychos Are Needing the Blood of Palestinians...AGAIN

What do you think Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy would do if the Feds stole this much of his farmland?

01.13.14 photo 2010Pal_zps1e65b43f.jpg

'Benny the Butcher' and his band of psychos probably have something to do with these recent attacks against the Khazar Land Thieves in 'Stolenland.'

Looking at the false flag track record of Israel, from the vicious attack against the USS Liberty, to the bombing of the US Marines barracks in Lebanon to their masterminding of the 9/11 attack, Israel has a long and sordid history of using the false flag to get political concessions or trick others into doing their dirty work, like destroying Libya; Iraq; Syria; Yemen and Lebanon.

Which makes it almost a certainty that the synagogue attack was staged so Israel can get the world's thought off of talks of war crimes trials against Benny and his butchers for their most recent batch of cold-blooded mass murder against Gaza.

They're timing them so Bibi can hide behind the Ferguson, MO reaction to the upcoming Officer Wilson Grand Jury proceeding, which will most likely not call for arresting Wilson, which will probably lead to more protests and violence.

Benny lamented that Israel didn't take advantage of the carnage in China's Tienanmen Square to murder some more Palestinians and steal some more land while the world's attention was elsewhere.
Netanyahu Called For Mass Expulsions of Palestinians in 1989

The Jerusalem Post of 19 November 1989 reported Netanyahu’s address to students at Bar-Ilan University in reference to the June 1989 Tiananmen Square crisis:

HIGHLIGHT: Deputy Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called for Israel to exploit political opportunities in order to expel large numbers of Palestinians from the territories. Netanyahu made the remark in a speech to Bar-Ilan University students on Thursday. In a tape recording of a portion of Netanyahu’s address obtained by The Jerusalem Post last night, the deputy foreign minister clearly states that “five, 50 or 500″ inciters should have been expelled at various times since the start of the intifada.

Netanyahu told the students that the government had failed to exploit politically favourable situations in order to carry out “large-scale” expulsions at times when “the damage would have been relatively small.

“I still believe that there are opportunities to expel many people,” Netanyahu said.

Ethnic cleansing has notable political support in Israel – Tzipi Livni and Avigdor Lieberman have also raised the spectre of mass expulsions from Israel more recently.
Benny won't let this opportunity go to waste and he'll have plenty of help in the MSM, who rarely, if ever, print the stories about the Israeli's beating up or killing Palestinian farmers so the Jews can steal their land.

Or burning down their olive trees so they can steal their land.

Or breaching dams that hold back sewerage so that the human waste flows over Palestinian land and into towns.

Or tossing animal poop or a full diaper into a Palestinian well so the Jews can steal their land.

Or the Palestinian children kidnapped in the middle of the night, taken to some Shin Bet torture dungeon where the Jew pedophiles have their way with the kids, who then wind up dead, lying in some ditch.

Or sending in IDF bulldozers to flatten Palestinian homes in the West Bank so the Jews can steal their land, but first giving the Palestinian occupants warning to get out, but only after the IDF goons rob those soon to be evicted.

Here in the States, we only hear one side of this tragedy, and only the side of the perpetual victims.

Benny the Butcher and his mob of rabid, blood-suckers are also alarmed at the European nations that are recognizing Palestine as a state. England, Sweden and now Spain means there's a movement afoot in Europe to finally give the Palestinians statehood.

But by randomly killing off some Israeli Jews, Benny and the Butchers can get that sympathy that Israel is so good at using to extort vast sums of money, weapons and that always reliable UN veto, courtesy of the subjugated USA.
And put Israel back where they like to be; as the poor, little state that is always being set upon by throat-slitting Muslims, instead of the nuclear armed violent thieves and murderers they are.

Monday, November 17, 2014

OMG! The Beatles Are Beheading People in the ME! OMG!

No, not those Beatles, but four ENGLISH speaking dudes in ISIS--Israel State in the Levant-- who "speak to each other in English, but struggle with Arabic."
The Beatles, dubbed as such by their hostages because of their English accents, are an active Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group. Its members were nicknamed John, Paul, George, and Ringo by the hostages, after the four members of the British rock group the Beatles.
And more:
The Beatles, who have been assigned responsibility to guard foreign hostages by ISIL commanders, are harsher than other ISIL guards. One source said: "Whenever the Beatles showed up, there was some kind of physical beating or torture." They are the most feared of the jihadists because of their taste for the macabre and their beatings, use of electric shock Taser guns, mock executions (including a crucifixion of Foley), and waterboarding, according to a freed French hostage.
Now what nation--other than the USA--is famous for beating people, torturing people, use mock executions on their indigenous people, and have a "taste for the macabre" and speak excellent English?

If you answered Israel, then you win the Beatles "White Album," but this 'White Album' is filled with hours of screams coming from the tortured at Israel's notorious Ofer prison.

These 'Beatles' have first names like Ariel, Bynjamin, Shlomo and Lieber.

Since the video below depicting scenes from a 2007 Turkish movie, "Valley of the Wolves" came out, showing nearly identical 'beheadings,' the BS pushers like Rita Katz of SITE are getting cagier, getting away from showing the phony beheadings and only showing the final product.

More on 'MOSSAD Rita' from the excellent blog, "Rita Katz; Better than Spielberg."

Stumbled upon a web site called "Bare Naked Islam" that is running a story on this latest propaganda spectacle and left this comment for the knuckle-dragging, mouth breathers of "BNI:"
Congratulations for falling for the latest propaganda scheme that is designed to get Americans enraged so they'll demand we send out kids to another 'War for Wall Street and Israel.'

And give the Pentagon the rest of our money to fight a war we have no business being in.

We need to get the hell out of the ME and stop supporting IS. Let Syria and Iran take care of the problem and IS will be gone in less than six months, but then the DC war mongers wouldn't have a way to keep scaring people witless.

In case you haven't noticed, our nation is falling apart. The highways and bridges are worn out and aged, needing massive amounts of money to repair.

Our schools are outdated and crowded.

We can't even afford to care for our vets wounded since 9/11, which leads to 5,000 vets a month committing suicide.

And decent paying jobs are a thing of the past.

The money we save by getting out of the ME could address those problems, but that would require people to start using their brains to think of solutions, instead of filling their heads with mindless drivel, like the latest on Kim K, who won the latest NASCAR race and who won yesterdays' 'Big Game.'
I get the feeling they won't be receptive to my suggestions.

And now, for the REAL Beatles, may Odin bless them, wherever they are!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

After WW II, It Didn't Take Long for 'G-d's Chosen Ones' to Engage in Their Old Predatory Ways


 photo Jew.jpg

With the end of WW II, the Khazar infestation that had plagued Russia and Europe for century's was now headed to Palestine, to begin their torment of the indigenous people, the Palestinians, based on endless lies about that black magick number 6,000,000.
Black Market Center

From 1945 until 1950, when it was finally shut down, the British maintained Belsen as a camp for displaced European Jews. During this period it achieved new notoriety as a major European black market center. The "uncrowned king" of Belsen's 10,000 Jews was Yossl (Josef) Rosensaft, who amassed tremendous profits from the illegal trading. Rosensaft had been interned in various camps, including Auschwitz, before arriving in Belsen in early April 1945.

British Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Morgan, chief of "displaced persons" operations in postwar Germany for the United Nations relief organization UNRRA recalled in his memoir that under Zionist auspices there had been organized at Belsen a vast illegitimate trading organization with worldwide ramifications and dealing in a wide range of goods, principally precious metals and stones. A money market dealt with a wide range of currencies. Goods were being imported in cryptically marked containers consigned in UNRRA shipments to Jewish voluntary agencies ...
Explaining such inconvenient truths to the GOYIM made General Morgan the target of a vicious anti-Semite campaign, that eventually cost him his Chief of Operations for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration job in postwar Europe.

The Jews sure seem to have a hard-on for the UN Relief agencies, witness the recent deliberate bombings by Israel of UNRWA buildings, filled with Palestinian refugees who had been ordered--by phone and leaflets--to leave their current building and seek refuge elsewhere, which the bat-shit crazy Jews then proceeded to bomb.

Judaism isn't a religion so much as it is front hiding the criminal activities of the 'Chosen Ones,' who practice with impunity crimes like fraud, drug dealing, murder of political figures in nations they've infested, mass murder of the indigenous Palestinians and outright theft of OUR government money. When anyone tries to run a story on these Talmud Terror Masters, their mouthpieces, like the ADL, start screaming 'anti-Semitism,' and since American GOYIM are so well trained, they immediately discount the true stories about the latest Jew crime wave.

Like this massive fraud, which is only a small tip of a gigantic Star of David shaped iceberg:

NY Family Accused of Taking Out $20 Million in Mortgages While Collecting Food Stamps

Twelve members of a single family were charged Thursday with lying to lenders to obtain more than $20 million in mortgage loans while claiming poverty to collect food stamps and other government benefits over the past decade in what federal authorities call "sweeping and cynical fraud."

An indictment unsealed in federal court in White Plains Thursday charged real estate developer Irving Rubin and his relatives with conspiring to commit bank fraud and conspiring to make false statements. It alleged that family members used the proceeds to pay their credit card debts and their own home mortgages and to fund other real estate projects.

"As alleged, the scheme carried out by the Rubins and others ripped off banks, welfare programs, and taxpayers," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said. "It ranged from 2004 to 2014, from Brooklyn to Harlem to Orange County, and the individuals involved alternately played the parts of prince or pauper, depending on which scam was being perpetrated."
There are riots going on now in Hungary, with the anemic excuse that the 100,000 plus rioters are protesting a proposed internet tax.

Want to bet that the Jew banksters are really the ones behind this latest NWO terror, since Hungary recently got out of IMF debt and doesn't plan on taking on more and their government coins their own money, not using the debt-based con known as the Euro?

What's next, the Jew MSM pushing stories about Hungarian death camps and gas chambers?

Be careful Hungary and watch out for some sneak attack, like this, from the Talmud Terror Masters.

9.4.14 photo wTc_zps54f0de0c.jpg

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