Monday, June 29, 2015

Why Won't Emory University's Holocaust Studies Program Answer My Simple Questions?

The questions are easy to understand and would be easy to answer, especially since Emory University (EU) has the "Holocaust Denial on Trial" center, where they claim; "Holocaust Denial on Trial: Using History to Confront Distortions."

So, give me some history EU and please answer these simple questions. Been waiting for four weeks, but am guessing an actual answer will never be forthcoming, since LIES are difficult to defend.

This government supported propaganda outlet is run by Deborah Lipstadt, Emory professor of Jewish and Holocaust studies. Lipstadt is the Jew's 'Donna Quixote,' always railing against those who would seek the truth, even seeking to toss them in prison for merely asking questions about history.

She has a blog, but it's outdated. But she still writes mind-numbing slop for the NYT, trying to conjure up the anti-Semitic 'boogieman' for readers to shiver at the mention.

Lipstadt is famous infamous for her 2000 trial with Holocaust truth searcher David Irving, which she 'won,' but it's hard to win a trial when the judge imposes a 'gag' rule on the plaintiff, David Irving. Here's what Norman Finklestein said about the trial:
Norman G. Finkelstein openly criticized Lipstadt for her role in the Irving trial, stating "Her [Lipstadt] lawyers imposed a gag rule on Deborah Lipstadt during her trial with David Irving - she was banned not only from testifying in court but also speaking to the press - because they knew full well that a single word from this know-nothing's mouth would sink the ship. In her account of the trial Lipstadt can barely conceal the lawyer's contempt for her, yet she is too thick-headed to notice the absurdity of her smug two thumbs-up after the jury announced its verdict. She had as much to do with the victory as I [Finkelstein] did with last night's performance of the Bolshoi."
Even Judge Gray, who presided over this kangaroo court, had his doubts about the greatest con of the 20th Century, if not history:
". . . the contemporaneous documents, such as drawings, plans, correspondence with contractors and the like, yield little clear evidence of the existence of gas chambers designed to kill humans. Such isolated references to the use of gas as are to be found amongst these documents can be explained by the need to fumigate clothes so as to reduce the incidence of diseases such as typhus."

“The Defendants recognise that not all of the evidence which I have sought to summarise above is altogether reliable," wrote Judge Gray. "This applies with particular force to the evidence of the eye-witnesses.”
Lipstadt says the people who don't or refuse to worship at the Holocaust altar are guilty of 'soft-core' denial of the Holocaust hoax. Guess most Americans are soft-core deniers, but the Holocausters keep trying mightily to imprint this fraud into our heads.

For an excellent blog detailing the nefarious dealings of Ms Lipstadt, click here.

Now my email to EU's Holocaust™ Monetary Support Unit.
The George Stevens documentary, “Nazi Concentration Camps 1945, shows lampshades made from the skin of dead Jews and the alleged Jewish shrunken heads.
It also shows 'shower heads' at Dachau that were in the ceiling and NO wire cages existed in the reel.

Since Zyklon B is cyanide and cyanide is lighter than air, meaning it would float to the ceiling, how did the Germans get the gas to drop down?

And what is you opinion on the Jewish shrunken heads and lamp shades made from Jewish skin?

And where are the huge piles of the large human body bones, which are left over after cremation?

As for Auschwitz, for decades, people were told that 4 million, most of them Jews, were killed at Auschwitz, until the 'Iron Curtain' fell and research was allowed in Russia and then the number dropped to 2.5 million.

Then the number dropped again, to a little over one million, mostly Jews, yet we keep hearing the 'six million died' meme about the holocaust.

How do you reconcile that huge discrepancy or do you?

And what do you think about the grandchildren of holocaust survivors now clamoring for some kind of restitution?

And what are your thoughts about the phony holocaust narratives told by liars like " Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years?"

One more: I've read some of your thoughts on the holocaust at this site and you claim that when the Germans ran out of coke to burn the Jewish corpses, they used wood, which was plentiful, to burn in the ovens/piles.
Did they get that wood from nearby forests? Because if they did, firewood has to 'cure' for at least four months or more, preferably a year, so it can dry out and burn properly, right? So did the Germans start cutting down trees and stacking the firewood to cure long before they ran out of coke?

And do you have pics taken on the ground or by recon planes that shows huge swaths of the nearby woods cut down?

Thanks so much!
If you want to ask the slippery Lipstadt some questions, here's some that will make her head spin!

Friday, June 26, 2015

This is Judeo-Christianity; Corrupt TV Preachers Living Like Rock Stars

Didn't a wise man once say something about getting a camel thru the eye of a needle?

This is from that gossipy TV show, "Inside Edition," but one has to give them credit here for putting to shame the Zionist fronts, ZNN and FOX N***.

A news report on Inside Edition, aired ‎May ‎23, ‎2011 reports TV preachers apparently abusing donations to live lavish lifestyles. One mansion was valued over six million dollars.

They are some of the most popular TV preachers in the United States, who urge the faithful followers to donate generously, saying that in return, the Lord will bring them prosperity. Those who profited were the pastors themselves.

They live like rock stars, with huge mansions, private jets, and fancy cars. Their lifestyles are so lavish, that six of them have been
investigated by the U.S. Senate (Eight years ago, and not much happened) such as Paula White, who lives in multimillion dollar homes in New York City and Tampa, Florida, as well as Creflo Dollar, getting around in style, flying in private jets to preach around the country. He owns a mansion at an exclusive Atlanta suburb.

Not one of them would agree to an interview regarding their opulent lifestyle, but when it comes to opulence, few religious leaders compare to Kenneth Copeland. To show his house, Inside Edition rented a helicopter so others can see his 18,000 square-foot mansion (located outside Fort Worth, Texas), valued at over six million dollars. It has beautiful water views and comes complete with a boathouse. But that's not all. Copeland is an avid pilot. He has a 20 million dollar Cessna Citation jet. It's the fastest private jet which money can buy. He claimed that he needed it to better serve the Lord. He proudly did a fly-by for his followers after the church bought it.

It was in fact found that Copeland had a fleet of planes registered to the church. He has his very own airport (the Kenneth Copeland airport) located right next to his mansion.

Ole Anthony, president of the
Trinity Foundation, a religious watchdog group, says "I think Copeland is unbelievably greedy". The Foundation worked closely with the Senate Committee investigating Copeland and other TV preachers.

At one time, I belonged to a local Assembly of God church in my adopted hometown. The flock was some of the poorest people in the county, yet they scraped together enough money to pay cash for the Methodist Church building, since they had moved into a new house of worship.

Each week, the amount of money that small flock gave was huge, yet the preacher man never did say where it went to or how it was spent, and since the flock took care of the church that was paid for in cash, there was basically no overhead, other than utilities.

That experience was something else. Each Sunday during the mass, some would start speaking in 'tongues,' while others would start rolling on the floor, both acts they claimed were from being possessed by the Lord. The only other time I saw something like that was at psilocybin mushroom parties.

One day, while at the church doing some maintenance, I asked the preacher man where all that money donated was going to. The preacher man's face got livid, his neck veins started popping out and he raised his arm up, pointing his finger at me and said, "It's not up to you to ask what God does with his money."

Realizing I'd been getting bamboozled, walked out and never returned.

Reminds me of that joke about two preachers discussing what they do with their donations. One said, "I just toss it in the air and what God wants, he takes. The rest is for me."

Inspiration for this blog came from the excellent 'aangirfan' blog.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The ‘Arrest’ of Dylann Storm Roof: A Hoax that Keeps On Giving

With our old 'friend,' MOSSAD asset Rita Katz being involved in this hoax from the get-go, that confirms it was a set-up, since Israel needed that TPP to pass, since it contains mechanisms that will disable the BDS movement and allow the Jews in the WH to completely control the USA and a diversion was needed to get people off balance so they would be in shock and not in the mood to call their Knesset rep.
The ‘Arrest’ of Dylann Storm Roof: A Hoax that Keeps On Giving by Russ Winter

The arrest of “mass murderer” Storm Roof in Shelby, N.C., some 247 miles from Charleston, took place 14 hours after the “crime” in a manner that was calm, cool and collected with no guns drawn....

After the arrest, the next stop was Burger King because apparently Storm Roof said he was hungry. My best guess is that the kid-glove arrest and have-it-your-way script is a scam about white privilege and meant to illustrate the stark contrast in how a black person might be treated.

But even though I personally got a chuckle out of this story, in reality the police were covering their asses on prisoner treatment, and may have just driven through BK. There are bigger fish to fry.

After the fast food stop, Storm Roof is given some striped road crew garb and is flown — not driven — from Shelby back to Charleston. Curiously, Shelby is where much of the Hunger Games was filmed, but I digress.

While all this is going on Thursday, June 18, at 11:07 a.m. the George Soros-funded Southern Poverty Law Center tweets bizarre, posed photos of Storm Roof replete with Confederate and Rhodesian apartheid flags, and also Roof burning an American flag.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!: After going to press this item was passed along to me. The original Storm Roof photos were first tweeted by arch-fraudster Rita Katz at 7:37 AM on the 18th. Her hoaxster web site, called SITE had the photos up at 6:57 AM. For more on this operative
see. She is usually first to press on almost all the frauds against Muslims, Bin Laden videos, etc (see).

Next we are treated to a performance/arraignment that violates all legal protocol. In a Kafkaesque all-televised scene, Storm Roof appears, dressed in different jail garb, in a Soviet-style cubicle with two military-looking guards standing behind him while out of sight disembodied voices gave victim-impact statements from a remote courtroom.

I have no final conclusions, but this post-arrest version of Storm Roof is much better looking and presentable than the Katz-invented photos. That’s because the script and narrative has moved on to the advanced grieving, forgiveness, little anger scam phase which requires a less ominous look. Marks donate more money when the “victims” seem beyond reproach and Christ like in comportment. No replays of Holmes and Loughner seen here.

Is this even the same person? I have a sneaking suspicion that Roof’s persona will show tremendous remorse, denouncing the influences on him, and that will be the script.

In a real process, family survivors are given their say at sentencing and parole hearings not at bail arraignments. Par for the course that these actors are already at the advanced grieving stage and “forgive” young Roof. As a reminder, Roof hasn’t even been tried and convicted in his show trial yet. Even the judge asks for “forgiveness” for the young cutout as he tries not to look into the national TV camera. Meet the new face of “American justice” under a crime syndicate.

Meanwhile, we have not seen one photo or image of an actual crime. The church itself was reopened for Sunday services — a mere three days after 45 rounds were fired and nine people were allegedly slain. Details on the funerals are sketchy, especially on the subject of open versus closed caskets. Note that 68% of funerals in the U.S. are open casket.

It would take a highly trained, skilled assassin (using a 45-caliber pistol) to get nine head shots and a 100% kill-to-wounded ratio on individuals scrambling for their lives. There are no details on wounds and trajectories available. The MSM has made zero effort to describe this crime or its details.

I've shot several different pistols with the .45 caliber round and although it's a fun round to shoot, it's not very accurate, especially against a moving target. For all the hits to have been 'head shots' speaks of a military/mercenary operation in SC, at the same time the Senate was debating the Constitution wrecking, economy damaging TPP.

When Israel or its minions are involved, there's no such thing as 'coincidences.'

As long as were on the subject of Israel....
6.25.15 photo wt7_zpsczk6rscn.gif

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