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Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks

"Mazel Tov" from Israel!
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When you ask yourself who had the power, the technical knowledge, who has agents in the Pentagon, who shipped off the WTC metal to China before any forensic investigation, who controls the courts to ensure that no Jew suspects and Zionist companies would be brought to trial, who had hacked into the USA telephone network, who controlled the airports that the alleged hijackers boarded, who bought the asbestos filled Twin Towers weeks before the 9/11 False Flag and made sure they were insured for a terrorist attack and who is benefiting from these endless ME and African wars, one and only one nation fits the profile, Israel.

Israeli and American Jews were the only ones arrested on 9/11 for suspicious activity, like recording the attack and celebrating the destruction of the WTC.

The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie


Possibly the best 9/11 truth site out there, with page after page, after page of American and Israeli Jews fingerprints all over the 9/11 attack.

The following video is one Israel and her rabid supporters don't want you to see.

With Friends Like This...
Israel conducts the most aggressive espionage program against the USA

An Office of Naval Intelligence document, “Worldwide Challenges to Naval Strike Warfare” reported that “US technology has been acquired [by China] through Israel in the form of the Lavi fighter and possibly SAM [surface-to-air] missile technology.”
So when the Pentagon war mongers set off a shooting war with China, the American pilots who get shot down, will be thanks to the Israeli back-stabbing of selling our technology to China.
WTC janitor William Rodriguez was working in the basement area of the North Tower when he hears a large explosion from the floors below him seconds before the first plane crashes into the top of the building, rescues a fellow worker who is severely burnt from the blast below, and also hears various explosions from the 20th trough the 30th floors included the 34th floor which was completely empty due to a "construction project".

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton the Israeli Spy Known as MEGA?

Did you know that Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton, and Jonathan Pollard were all simultaneously partners at Rose Law Firm? Yes, THAT Jonathan Pollard, the spy for Israel who stole and enormous amount of intelligence from the USA and sold it to Israel.

James Comey, currently FBI head, back then as a federal prosecutor, helped Hillary stay away from the Vince Foster scandal and Pollard spy case. My, my, my, what a small world we live in!

For decades, there has been an Israeli spy code-named 'Mega' stabbing the USA in our collective backs and loyally serving Israel. Since its been shown that the Clintons will do anything for money, is Hillary an Israeli spy??

Mega was operating at the highest levels in the Clinton Administration national security establishment, briefs and meetings that Hillary had access to. Did she parlay that sensitive info into money and power, which would lead eventually to the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag?

When Mega was finally outed as spying for Israel, the press coverage and the search for Mega in the Clinton WH came to an abrupt end. One of the sinister connections between Hillary, the WH and 9/11 is the Israeli company that which was providing billing and directory assistance for 90% of the phone companies in the USA back then.

Now who was Bill Clinton trying to protect by squashing the hunt for the Israeli mole in his administration?

As for ferreting out this spy, don't count on the MSM, they're part of the cover-up and assassins of the truth for the Jew World Order.

One more indictment of HRM Hillary is all the sleaze surrounding her use of a private email server in her home that was not sanctioned and was easily hacked. Did Clinton get that highly sensitive info to her Israeli buddies?

That's something an Israeli MEGA-spy would do.

If you know who controls the WH, then you'd know they wouldn't want their next choice for POTUS to get arrested for treason.

Friday, April 29, 2016

What American War Criminals Bomb in Iraq, Jew War Criminals Bomb in Palestine

While Americans are being brainwashed with the appearance of a US presidential race, the war machine run by Jew Inc rolls on in Iraq. When all participants basically agree on supporting these endless wars, what kind of choice is that?
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From a 2009 article by Dr Souad Al-Azzawi, award winning environmental scientist who gained her Ph.D from the Colorado School of Mines
I would like to list SOME of what the Americans’ airstrikes have been targeting and killing in Mosul:

Destroyed are all state services buildings, including Municipalities in right and left sides of Mosul. When they bomb at night, all security personnel get killed or injured, also residents of close by areas, and adjacent properties are destroyed.

Bombed and destroyed all communication centers.

Destruction of Dairy Production Factories in both left and right sides of Mosul. Casualties of these two are one hundred deaths and two hundred injuries among civilians who gathered to receive milk and dairy products from the factories.
So America, how does it feel to be Israel's bitch? Like gulping down load after load of Jew lies?

To a 2016 article by Dr Souad Al-Azzawi...

There is a sickening familiarity to some of the targets – food, pharmaceuticals, water treatment plants, electricity generation, communications and educational facilities, bridges (the country, towns and cities are divided by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) have been favoured targets since 1991...

Incredibly on April 23rd, the Independent reported another staggering piece of either disinformation or childish naivety, in a predictably familiar script: “A spokesperson for the US military said all possible precautions were taken to avoid ‘collateral damage’”, but in approaching 7,000 airstrikes the number of confirmed civilian deaths had risen on Planet Pentagon to just – forty one.

In another past its sell by date mantra:

Colonel Patrick Ryder, a spokesperson for Central Command, said the casualties were “deeply regretted” but maintained that the campaign was the “the most precise air campaign in the history of warfare.”

* Bombing of Mosul Pharmaceutical Industries.

* Mosul University was bombed with ninety two deaths and one hundred and thirty five injuries. Earlier estimates were higher, but many were pulled from the rubble alive. “They were students, faculty members, staff members, families of faculties, and restaurants workers.”

*Al Hadbaa and Al Khadraa Residential Apartment compounds. Fifty people killed (families) and one hundred injured.

* Hay al Dhubat residential area in the right side of Mosul, two days ago, five women women and four children killed and the whole house destroyed. The father is a respected pharmacist who has nothing to do with ISIL.

* Destruction of houses in front of the Medical College, killed twenty two civilians – eleven in one family.

* Bombing Sunni Waqif Building, twenty deaths and seventy injuries which included those in nearby commercial and residential buildings.

* Car maintenance industrial areas in both left and right sides of Mosul destroyed with civilian’s casualties.

* Bombing of flour factories in both sides of Mosul.

* Rafidain and Rasheed banks and all their branches in both sides of Mosul. Destruction of all commercial and residential areas in the vicinity of these places, with as yet unknown civilian casualties. (My emphasis.)

* Central Bank of Mosul in Ghazi Street, with nearby residential and commercial properties.

* Pepsi factory, currently producing ice cubes only. Three deaths and twelve injuries among the workers.

* The Governor’s house and close by guest house.

* Mosul’s old industrial compound destroyed, with parking area for fuel Tankers and cars. Three days ago, huge explosion of fuel tankers, one hundred and fifty deaths and injuries.

* Urban Planning Directory in Hay al Maliyah bombed.

* Engineering Planning Directory in Hay al Maliyah bombed.

* Food Storages in left side of Mosul bombed.

* Drinking water treatment plants bombed.

* All electrical generation and transformer stations in the left side of Mosul bombed.

* Domez land communications center in left side of Mosul destroyed.

During the 1990s a Canadian film crew captured footage of US ‘planes dropping flares on harvested wheat and barley, incinerating entire harvests in a country, which due to the strangulating embargo, there were near famine conditions in parts of society.
Here's what Americans are fighting and dying for in the ME, an Israel land empire stretching from the River Nile to the Euphrates. From the Red Sea to southern Turkey. Next time you visit your 19 yo son or daughter lying in a grave, killed fighting in this endless war, keep that in mind. photo Palest_thenand now_zpswpthqogc.gif

Two nations, Palestine and Iraq, both under relentless attack by Jew Inc. Attacks that happen not only with bombs and cruise missiles, but with never-ending lies by the Jew MSM. What has these two nations done to incur such homicidal Jew wrath?

They're both part of 'Eretz Israel,' which the Zionists have been laboring to enlarge for decades.

Jew Inc is using their old 'tried and true' formulas of removing an entire people from land desired by Jews, like mass starvation, which killed around 8 million or so Ukrainians in the 1930's. But that's something rarely heard about or taught in American schools, they don't have the time since history has been hijacked by Jew Inc so endless LIES about the phony holocaust can be told.

When you hear Pentagon lies about who is being killed and what is being bombed in Iraq, ask yourself why the lies sound like they were lifted from an Israeli Occupation Army release about Jew Inc bombing and killing Palestinians.

The real question to ask is, are American weapons being tested in Iraq so they can be used in Palestine or do they get tested by the psycho-butcher Israelis in Palestine to be used against Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans and Yemen?

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