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"I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar-soaked fingers out of the business of these nations..."

The entire comment from General David Shoup is as follows:
"I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar-soaked fingers out of the business of these nations so full of depressed, exploited people, they will arrive at a solution of their own—and if unfortunately their revolution must be of the violent type because the "haves" refuse to share with the "have-nots" by any peaceful method, at least what they get will be their own, and not the American style, which they don't want and above all don't want crammed down their throats by Americans."
1966 Speech delivered by Shoup to community college students at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California, for their World Affairs Day.

Shoup was no 'shrinking violet' when it came to combat, especially during WWII on the Japanese held island of Tarawa, where he was awarded to Medal of Honor.

But he knew stupidity and wastefulness when he saw it and wasn't afraid to speak out against military madness and adventurism.

This bit of sanity from the Military-Industrial Complex came from David Monroe Shoup (30 December 1904 – 13 January 1983) a decorated general of the United States Marine Corps who was awarded the Medal of Honor in World War II, became the 22nd Commandant of the Marine Corps, and, after retiring, became one of the most prominent critics of the Vietnam War.
Shoup opposed the military escalation in response to events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs invasion, but his strongest opposition was to U.S. involvement in South Vietnam. His opposition grew in strength after he retired from the military in 1963; he was hostile to both the strategy of the conflict and the excessive influence of corporations and military officials upon foreign policy. His high-profile criticism later spread to include the military industrial complex and what he saw as a pervasive militarism in American culture. Historians consider Shoup's statements opposing the war to be among the most pointed and high-profile leveled by a veteran against the Vietnam War.
Where's the honest generals in today's hyper-active US military? Too busy sucking up to Israel and Fortune 500 defense corporations to secure that job after retirement and to get a chest full of shiny medals to make up for that ridiculously short penis.
In 1968, in testimony before Congress, Shoup made many of the same points as he had in his 1966 speech, saying he felt opposition to the war had likely increased since then. In April 1969, along with retired Colonel James Donovan, he broadened his criticism to national security policy. In an article published in Atlantic Monthly, he accused America of becoming militaristic and aggressive, and was a country ready to "execute military contingency plans and to seek military solutions to problems of political disorder and potential Communist threats in areas of our interest." He said that anticommunism had given way to a new, aggressive defense establishment in the United States.

In a book titled Militarism U.S.A. (1970), Shoup and Donovan elaborated their criticisms. Shoup said the country was seeking military solutions to issues that could be resolved politically. He accused military leaders of propagating the war for their own career advancement, and accused the veterans group Veterans of Foreign Wars of propagandizing for the armed forces establishment. Shoup blamed the American education system for what he saw as discouraging independent thought and stressing obedience.
This kind of killing has ancient roots. All of these never-ending 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' are a type of blood sacrifice to Israel. It's the Jew ritual murder ceremony practiced on a continent-wide scale.

Compare the principled Shoup to the lackeys' and Israeli ass-kissers that make up today's flag officers. When an American, whether he/she be an officer or not, supports a foreign leader's policies over the president, there's one word for that, TREASON.
Earlier this month, dozens of top ranking former military officials—generals and admirals—voiced their support for a deal. In a letter, the officers called the deal “the most effective means currently available to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” Now, we have its counterpart, which hit the presses yesterday. “The agreement will enable Iran to become far more dangerous, render the Mideast still more unstable and introduce new threats to American interests as well as our allies,” says the new letter, organized as an explicit response, according to the Washington Post, by Retired Adm. Leon “Bud” Edney.

The anti-deal military letter, however, has something the pro-deal military letter didn’t: the list of nearly 200 signatories includes more than a few unsavory characters. In addition to including two former military officials involved in the Iran-Contra affair—Vice Adm. John Poindexter and retired Maj. Gen. Richard Secord—several signatures came from former military officials aligned with or associated with hardline neoconservative Washington groups. Perhaps most strikingly, several of the signatories associated themselves with—or, in one case, are themselves from among—America’s leading Islamophobes. As Matt Duss tweeted, opponents of a deal seem “unable to assemble groups of ex-military critics that don’t include anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists.”

Letter organizer Bud Edney, for one, sits on JINSA’s board of advisors—one of eight of the letter’s signatories who sits on that board, in addition to two former JINSA advisory board members that signed. In all, 34 of those former military officers who signed the anti-deal letter have been associated with JINSA—either serving on its board, signing one of its letters or, as was most commonly the case, traveling to Israel on the group’s dime to “meet the top echelon of the Israeli military and political leadership.’
These trips constitute one of JINSA’s major activities. The group claims to have taken nearly 400 former senior military officers on the junket over the years. Of the letter’s signatories, 31 traveled to Israel with the organization.

Traitors Among Us

If you don't know what 'JINSA' (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) is, it's time to find out and taking a look at the list of Americans who put Israel's wants first instead of looking out for America brings to mind one word; TREASON.

JINSA also brainwashes American law enforcement officials, sending them on an all-expenses paid trip to Israel where they learn how to threaten, intimidate, terrorize, torture and murder American citizens.

JINSA claims to have 'trained' over 9,500 American cops since 2004.

Israel-trained police “occupy” Missouri after killing of black youth


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9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, run by Jews, is Running Out of Money...

"Ja, the shekels are all gone!" cries Sheila L.
SheilaL photo sb_zpsjv5h3f4n.jpg

9/11 survivors who are trying to get some kind of compensation for lost work, lost loves or lost health, first have to get past the 'Special Master,' Sheila L. Birnbaum, who was appointed by Judge Alvin Hellerstein.

Judge Hellerstein is a piece of work by himself, as he did everything in his power and then some, to deny justice to the victim's families. His only interest was protecting Israel.
Judge Hellerstein's Unethical Connection to Key Defendant in 9-11 Lawsuit

Alvin K. Hellerstein is the judge who handles all 9-11 litigation. His son is an Israeli lawyer who emigrated to Israel in 2001 and whose law firm works for and with the Rothschild-funded Mossad company responsible for the 9-11 terror attacks. This presents a clear case of criminal conflict of interest and explains why Hellerstein has protected the Israeli culprits of the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 by preventing a trial and blocking any legal discovery of what really happened.

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, the Orthodox Jew who oversees all 9-11 related cases, is seldom discussed in the news. While his name does appear occasionally in the press, for example when he sentenced a "terrorism financier" to prison in April, the secretive judge who handles all 9-11 tort litigation is virtually unknown to most Americans. This is intentional, of course, because any discussion of the Bronx-born judge would reveal his Zionist roots and close relationship to the state of Israel, where his son Joseph Z. Hellerstein lives on a Jewish settlement on the West Bank and practices law with one of Israel's most important law firms, Amit, Pollak & Matalon.

[Judge Hellerstein] has completely obstructed justice for the 9-11 relatives – for eight years – by blocking any discovery and preventing the families from getting the one thing they all wanted: an open trial to find the truth of who was responsible for the terror attacks that caused the loss of their loved ones. Hellerstein has played a key role in the 9-11 cover-up by blocking legal discovery and preventing a trial from occurring.
Life is good, if you're a Khazar. If not, tough shit, the end of the line is over by the outhouse, sucker.

Sheila L. Birnbaum's partner at the law firm she worked until 2013, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom LLP, was Kenneth J. Bialkin, another uber Zionist, who at one time was head of one of the biggest criminal outfits in world, the International Order of B'nai B'rith and other Zionist Jew outfits.

If you have some time, Chris Bollyn has mapped out a whole nest of these Zionist snakes that are related to 9/11.

How Sweet it is! Israel masterminded this horrible attack on their 'friend and ally,' the USA, with assistance from Traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and the NSA and now the long-suffering survivors have to beg a Jew for help getting relief from a Jew masterminded attack?

Laughing all the way to the bank

You do not have to be an emergency services responder, like a firefighter or medic to get any of this fund money, but live in a certain zone:
The area in Manhattan south of the line that runs along Canal Street from the Hudson River to the intersection of Canal Street and East Broadway, north on East Broadway to Clinton Street, and east on Clinton Street to the East River; AND
Any area related to, or along, routes of debris removal, such as barges and Fresh Kills

In rare circumstances, the Special Master may identify, based on additional evidence, additional areas that presented a demonstrable risk of physical harm resulting from the impact of the aircraft or any subsequent fire, explosions, or collapse of buildings (generally, the immediate area in which the impact occurred, fire occurred, portions of buildings fell, or debris fell upon and injured persons) as 9/11 crash sites.
Why is the cynic in me wondering if a certain 'Tribe' of ethnic gangsters, widely known for their frauds, cons and scams, have been looting this fund with fraudulent claims? This group living in part of the exposure zone is already adept at grabbing free government money, so why stop at that?

Wait, there's more!
“Ken Feinberg laid a great foundation during the fund’s first iteration, and I plan to build upon it,” continued Birnbaum.
If you're Ken Feinberg, life is good, especially when there's a disaster.

Feinberg has been appointed 'Special Master' overseeing the money doled out in many cases, like the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings False Flag: the Penn State molestations; Aurora Colorado shootings False Flag and the BP Deepwater Horizon environmental disaster, among others.

But it looks like Kenny Boy got his wings clipped in the BP case, as the locals discovered he wasn't working for them, like he had professed many a time, but for the culprit, BP:
On December 6, 2010, the Center for Justice and Democracy  sent a letter[18] to Robert Dudley, the CEO of BP, concerning "serious new issues raised about the lack of transparency and potential conflicts of interest related to the administration of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility." In the letter, CJ and D pointed out actions taken by Feinberg in the administration of the compensation fund that point to serious conflicts of interest:

"Mr. Feinberg, employed by BP, has decided on his own authority that all claims recipients must release all companies who caused this disaster from any and all legal responsibility, no matter how grossly negligent they were. This sweeping release, which assigns victims’ claims to BP, benefits only one actor: BP – the company that happens to pay Mr. Feinberg's salary."

In January 2011, Judge Barbier, the federal judge over the oil spill litigation, after hearing evidence and arguments of the attorneys, ruled that Kenneth Feinberg was not independent of BP and could no longer claim to be so. Feinberg had been telling victims he was their lawyer and did not answer to BP.

The letter also criticized Feinberg's lack of transparency around compensation.
And Feinberg had been 'working' for 9/11 victims? Right.

Yes, there does seem to be more than enough 'Tribe' members around this fund to make the dolling out of money suspect.

And now, the fund is running out of money, huh, go figure.

Wonder how much of that money made 'aliyah' to Israel?

Another 9/11 fund, the September 11th Fund, was also run by a Jew, Stephen Yohay.

Yohay is known for his generous contributions to AIPAC, Hadassah, and B'nai Zion. Wonder where all that donated money came from? Hadassah did quite well in the Bernie Madoff 'Ponzi' scheme.

Intel Expert Says 9-11 Looks Like A Hollywood Show

How Did Israeli Spy Software Get Onto Critical FAA Computers?

9/11 Planes Flew Directly into Secure Computer Rooms in Both Towers

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Was Argentinian Prosecutor Investigating the Jew Bombing Getting Paid Off by Israel?

Something's up, even though the prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, was found dead in his home back in January, from either suicide or murder. Nisman had formally accused the government of Iran of directing the AMIA bombing, and the Hezbollah militia of carrying it out, which sounds like it was right out of the Israeli False Flag 101 playbook.

The $670,000 that was detected in a New York bank account in Nisman's name is highly suspicious, and has Israeli or American Jew fingerprints all over the bribe. But there are always other rats around besides the Jews.
Santiago O'Donnell, a journalist and writer who published the books Argenleaks and Politileaks, both of which analyse the Wikileaks cable leak concerning Argentina's foreign and domestic policies, stated that during his investigation, he found clear and strong ties and "friendship" between Nisman, the CIA and the Embassy of Argentina in Washington, D.C.
Nisman had pushed hard to get Iran indicted in this case, and 670,000 dollars is a lot of pushing.

Did he actually kill himself or was he killed by the Mossad of CIA for his failure to blame an innocent Iran for this bombing?
Money laundering probe in case of Argentine prosecutor

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina— An Argentine judge on Friday authorized a money laundering probe involving the prosecutor who died mysteriously while investigating the bombing of a Jewish center.

Judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral approved a prosecution request to question relatives and associates of the late Alberto Nisman, including his mother, his sister and a man who had worked with Nisman.

Prosecutor Juan Pedro Zoni says investigators detected nearly $670,000 in suspicious movements though a New York account that Nisman opened in 2002. And he said Nisman appeared to be living above his means as a public employee.

Canicoba Corral ordered four people to testify, barred them from leaving Argentina and embargoed some of their assets. After questioning, the judge will determine if charges should be brought against Nisman's mother Sara Garfunkel, sister Sandra Nisman, informatics adviser Diego Lagomarsino and businessman Claudio Picon

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